Swimming pool and spa decommissioning

Call on the services of a professional for the decommissioning of your swimming pool or spa.

AQUA CELSIUS provides the best quality decommissioning service for you in the Laurentides region.

Fermeture de piscine et spa
Laurentides, Fermeture de piscine et spa Mont-Tremblant


Our expertise in commissioning and decommissioning means we can effectively undertake the maintenance and repairs of your spa or prepare the over-wintering of your swimming pool. Once the final maintenance visit has been completed, AQUA CELSIUS then completes all of the necessary operations for the decommissioning of your pool. You can rely on our skills, as we empty or lower the water-level of your swimming pool or spa, disconnect the pumps, install the liner, empty all pipes and hoses and replace all caps and plugs.

Complete decommissioning of your swimming pool or spa, in keeping with all applicable standards.


Whether you have a swimming pool (sunken or above-ground) or a spa, decommissioning is essential as the temperatures start to fall in winter. This operation protects the installations and ensures water quality. It is best to get this done by a professional to for your peace of mind during winter and to avoid any problems when re-commissioning. Just call us and we will answer your needs. Our technicians can be available at the time of your choosing to ensure that the decommissioning is completed in the best possible conditions.

Disciplined respect for appointments, reliable interventions and quality work

We carry out a number of operations to decommission your pool, including:

  • Lowering the water-level
  • Replacing caps and covers
  • Disconnection of hoses and pipes
  • Disconnection of the heat-pump
  • Removal of all external structures
  • Installation of the liner

Don't hesitate to call on us for effective swimming pool or spa decommissioning.